Your Basic Checklist For The Newbie Golfer

Know Before You Go

Here’s a basic checklist of things to do before you hit the course. They might seem like no brainers, but if you forget any you’re probably going to regret it.

Reserve a Tee Time

Don’t take the chance of just showing up at the clubhouse and think you’re going to pay and walk right on the course. Many courses are like popular restaurants – you need a reservation. Call ahead, preferably a few days before you’re planning to play, and lock in your tee time. You don’t want to show up for your round and get turned away.

Here are a few popular online reservation sites:

Bring Plenty of Golf Balls

Depending on how bad you really are, you should make sure you have plenty of golf balls in your bag. If you’re a true beginner golfer you should bring a dozen.

After you have a bunch of rounds under your belt you’re going to have a good idea how many golf balls you lose each round. It always better to have more than not enough.

Pack The Right Stuff

Believe it or not golf can be exhausting, especially in the heat of summer. It really is a game of endurance in many ways. If you don’t feel like paying excessive concession stand prices for water, beer, and food make sure you pack it up before you leave. And don’t get burned by more than your golf game. Make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen.

Wear the Right Gear

Many golf course have a dress code in place. Most of these at least require everyone to wear a collared shirt. If you’re not sure what the dress code is for the course you plan to play, call ahead or check the course website.