callaway golf, callaway golf clubs, golf clubs for beginners, buy golf clubs, buy new golf clubs, golf swingGolf Tips For Beginners

As you learn to play golf as a beginner try not to get bogged down with information overload.

In order to not get you overwhelmed, I’ve boiled down some of the top mistakes thatĀ  beginner golfers commonly make. If you keep these few in mind it will help better your game as a beginner golfer and avoid frustration. It may even shave a few strokes off your round!

Not Warming Up

Don’t avoid warming up. Just like when you’re starting an exercise routine or getting ready for a run, you need to loosen up the muscles. You wouldn’t run a 5k without stretching first right?

Before you tee off for your round or hit for practice at the driving range, swing through the golf clubs in your bag to stretch and loosen your muscles. Start with the high irons and progress through to the fairway woods.


golf clubs, golf tips for beginners, common mistakes for new golfers, Swinging Too Hard

This is a classic mistake for golfers just starting out. Remember the saying “Let the golf clubs do the work.” You’re not swinging a baseball bat.

Power comes after you master the basics of the golf swing and you are able execute it fairly consistently with control.

Choosing The Wrong Club

Learning to pick the right golf club will come over time and takes practice and analysis. It’s specific to each person individually. For example, your nine iron shot might go around 100 yards while your buddies could fly 120 yards.

When you’re at the driving range practicing you golf swing, make notes of the average distances you hit for each club (this will change over time). Then when you’re on the course you will know which club to select for certain shots based on how far you are from the pin.

Its also critically important to pick the right set of clubs as a beginner. The right set adds enjoyment to the game and gives the beginner golfer control and forgiveness.

Lifting Your Head Up During Your Swing golf swing, golf tips, beginning golfer, golf swing basics, golf swing common mistakes, buy new golf clubs, callaway golf clubs

Keep your head down during your golf swing and your eyes focused on the golf ball as you strike it. A natural and bad tendency for many golfers is to lift their head and eyes up before the golf club makes contact with the ball in anticipation of where their shot will land.

Bad Gripbeginning golfers, starting golfers, common mistakes of beginner golfers, golf swing, golf tips, buy golf clubs

Gripping the golf club too tight is typically tied to the “swinging to hard” syndrome. The common mistake for people learning to play golf is to hold the golf club too tight and swing with all their might.

Gripping the club loosely gives you more comfort and control over the golf club during your swing and it helpsĀ  accelerate your swing for added power.


common mistakes for beginning golfers, buy golf clubs, callaway golf clubs, golf tips, golf swing, Frustration Overload

For beginning Getting frustrated is easy, staying positive for an entire round is hard. No round is ever perfect and things can spiral out of control quickly if you let frustration leak into your game.


That par 4 hole can easily turn into an 8 if you don’t control your mindset.

You can’t control things like the wind, rain, and the bunker you just landed in, but you can control your outlook. Keep a positive mindset as you learn to play golf, because that’s something you can control.

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